Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding is a complex process where multiple resources with multiple job profiles work on the same job whether it is documentation, operations, billing, Credit Control at the same time independent of each other. where data communication between them in real-time is a must in order them to work in a synchronized way. We have our freight module integrated with all these profiles at once. It also includes Multi Branch Operations where each branch book their own purchase sales and other vouchers using same reference, hence it leads to the generation of clear cost center branch-wise.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance software rather a fast/compatible/self-explaining software for your company’s documentation is need of the hour and it is must, to have such application ready to use for your organization maybe your company is of any size. We have ready to use fully functional Custom Clearance Application which makes all your custom clearance documentation, Operations, Voucher Entries, Billing, Reporting easier. We have associated Customs Reports, Financial Accounting reports, Taxation related reports in place available with few mouse clicks. MIS, inter-company emails can be configured some we have and we can configure email alert reports required by you. Software is compatible with guidelines provided by Icegate and communicates with Icegate through internet protocols made available by them.