Freight Forwarding

We have our freight module integrated with multiple profiles at once. It also includes Multi Branch Operations where each branch book their own purchase sales and other vouchers using same reference, hence it leads to the generation of clear cost center branch-wise.


We have a Finance module that is a very crucial part of the logistics industry. Our application provides accurate MIS reports and other reports. We provide better control over the credit-control part too.

Custom Clearance

We have a fast/compatible/self-explaining CHA module for your company’s documentation is need of the hour and it is a must, to have such application ready to use for your organization maybe your company is of any size.


In NVOCC module, Jupiter provides unit (Box Tank or other special equipment) inventory management and the entire business is driven by the inventory as a base whether the unit is occupied with Shipper, Consignee, Liner at Origin or at Destination, Depot at Origin or at Destination with Monitored cost and Revenue everything on one Platform.

Business Information

All Summerized reporting User wise, Company Wise, Branch Wise, Sales Person Wise, Unit Wise, Daily, Monthly, Annually or By any criteria, Tabular Or Graphical or Animated you name it we have it.


BIN, BAY, Inward Movement, Outward Movement, Storage Days, Billing @ Periodic or @ Outward Movement, Internal Stock Transfer, Internal Transfer of the ownership all on SKU as a base. Jupiter’s WMS has everything.

Web based application

We have a complete web-based solution for our customers with more control. Easy to access from any remote location. As well as users can easily access the application from their mobile handset also.

Cost effective

We proudly say that we always provide a very cost-effective and trustworthy teller made solution for our customer’s.

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